Tips on Finding the Right Music for You


Music it’s not only about singing, but it’s about listening too. There are so many artists and so many genres, that sometimes it’s hard to pick out something. From classic music to rock music, you will find everything in between.

Some songs are slow and soft and are adequate for people who want to meditate and reach peace, while searching for their inner self. In the same time, other songs have a strong personality, and these can be used for keeping a good pace while running, for example. There is also the dance music, the one that is used for Waltz, Cha-cha, or Rumba – this has the right rhythm that simply makes you want to move your feet to the sound of music.

Here are some tips on how to find the music that you love, simple and effective.

Ask the Right People

This is the first thing that needs to come to your mind when thinking about finding good music. Ask a music expert, as they will surely know what you are asking about. If you know someone from a production house in music, then it’s even better, as that person will know what to tell you, based on what he or she already knows about you. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll have the same tastes, but it’s a good start.

Ask around your friends too, as they surely know you better than a stranger does. If you have the same tastes in music, you might enjoy what they recommend you, or at least it will help you choose something.

Ask in Pubs

musicquoteWhen you hear something you like, and you are in a pub or a bar or a restaurant, ask the staff if they know what the song is. Usually, they have a list of songs that they play, and they will give you the name. If you can choose, ask the bartender, as they are friendly people who like to chat. If that’s not possible, you can ask the waiter or someone else who works there.

Visit a Record Store

Take your chances in a record store, as that place has thousands of songs, and all kinds of music genres. You’ll find there anything you want regarding music, and the staff will be more than helpful. If you know the name of the artist, just ask the staff and you’ll be pointed in the right direction. Keep in mind that the place has original tracks and CDs, so be prepared to spend some money.

Search Online

This option can turn back so many results, that you’ll be amazed. With a simple online search for the kind of music you like, you will find thousands of leads. There are sites that offer free music, sites that require a fee for accessing their library and you’ll also find music production houses that advertise their artists.

Each of them can be a good pick, based on your preferences. It’s a good opportunity to find many interesting things. You can search for an artist that you like, and you’ll also see not only his work, but also the similar work of similar artists, who sing the same genre in music.

Listen to Each Song

If you want to go for a specific genre, you will also get so many results, that it will be somehow hard to pick out something. The best thing to do is find each song and listen to it, and then decide what you want to reserve for yourself.

To make sure you have picked up something good, check out the reviews or the number of views per song. It’s a good thing to see if one song has gone viral or not – this means that it may have more than 1 million of views in just a few days.

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