Using Executive Recruiting Companies to Your Advantage

Executive search firms play an important role in human resource industry. They help companies particularly HR departments in determining the right senior executives to hire. It is not difficult to recruit and hire people for entry level positions, but it is a different story when it comes to recruiting top level executives. It requires expertise… Read More »

Capital Cities’ June Show in Miami Beach

BleauLive is just one of the enhancements Turnberry Associates’ CEO and real estate developer, Jeffrey Soffer envisioned as part of the beachfront resort’s $1 billion renaissance in 2008. Soffer wanted to create unique and exciting new guest experiences at Fontainebleau Miami Beach. The highly anticipated Capital Cities performance is indicative of his success.

Tips on Finding the Right Music for You

Music it’s not only about singing, but it’s about listening too. There are so many artists and so many genres, that sometimes it’s hard to pick out something. From classic music to rock music, you will find everything in between. Some songs are slow and soft and are adequate for people who want to meditate… Read More »